Welcome to Dublin Coffman Highschool Drama Club. Here everyone is welcome and we all have lots of fun. Weather it is doing a tech position like props, lights, sound, or stage managing or performing as an actor in one of the many shows done here, you will have a blast. 

     At Coffman we do 7 shows per year and every other year we do 8. We have a summer show which is done over the summer and the winter show. Both are directed by Mark Mann and are straight plays or non-musical. We also have a fall and spring musical directed by Daniel Stowell, Andrew Garner, Megan Western, and Michell McGovern. Every other year we do a staff show which is when you get to work with your very own teachers to put on a show. This is also directed by Mark Mann and all the actors are a part of the staff at Coffman. We also have a fun tradition of doing whats called the 24 hour show where the students write cast direct and perform for an audience in 24 hours. If you do not have the time to be a part of any of the other productions this is definitely a thing you should do since it only takes up one day. Lastly we have the Theater 3 shows which you are only allowed to be a part of if you are in the theater 3 class.

     We hope you enjoy your time with us and we hope you choose to participate in lots of shows.


Dan Stowell teaches all theatre classes and serves as one of our wonderful directors.


Andrew Garner directs all four choirs at Coffman and serves as our musical director. 

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Meghan Western serves as our choreographer. 

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Mark Mann works as the Preforming Arts Center director and directs our All-Dublin and winter shows


Michelle McGovern works as a secretary for Coffman and serves as an assistant director for the club. 

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Thespian Points

What are thespian points?

       From the International Thespian Society, "The Thespian Induction Point System (TIPS) is a tool designed to help you keep an accurate record of students' accomplishments and progress toward earning induction into the International Thespian Society." Basically, Thespian Points are a easy and fun way to get credit and rewards for your hard work in theater!

What can I count for thespian points?

      You can get points for almost anything theater related! You can receive points for acting in a show, teaching or producing a show, directing or writing a show and even watching shows. We ask that you not include your credits from middle school. 

How can I submit thespian points?

      Sheets are available in the little theater either on the board next to the door right as you walk in, or in the boxes with all the sheets in them. After you get that and fill it out then you can turn it into the folder on that same board by the door or you can turn it into our membership officers Emerson Santuomo and Emerson Prond. Please do remember the date as it helps us with confirming the event.